We've come from a long line of folks who devoted their lives to better the Western way of life. We think.. what better way to represent what you love and stand for than to wear it?!

We have been creating a fresh line of apparel for everyone to enjoy! 

AND YES! The famous King Ropes Hats are available and ever changing! Which, leads us to a little history lesson..

Believe it or not, it all started with the hat!

The birth of our World famous hat comes from very humble beginnings. Imagine... a 1960's summer and the King boys; fearless, bound by the love of the West and the legacy their father built; rummaging through trash cans, scuffing up their boots, and living each day with no fear of tomorrow. They stumbled across a John Deere catalog, started flipping through the pages,  only to find the fancy John Deere hats. That's when the wheels started turning and what came next was the birth of our King Ropes Hat.

Not knowing just how popular the hats would become, or how far they would travel, the King hats are now a staple. While you may have seen one or two Hollywood superstars wearing a King Ropes hat, most of our hats are worn by those for practical use in the cowboy field.

For more history, click HERE - OR - If you're ever in town, swing by our shop and take a tour of The Don King Museum.

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